Conflict of Interest Policy

“Strathcona Masters Synchronized Swim Club”
(aka Strathcona Masters)

  1. The following terms have these meanings in this Policy:
    a) “Conflict of Interest” – A situation where an individual, or the organization they represent, has a real, potential or perceived direct or indirect interest competing with the Organization’s interests, resulting in a real or seeming incompatibility between one’s private interests and one’s fiduciary duties to the Organization.
    b) “Members”- All individuals employed/volunteering with the Organization who are decision-makers within the Organization – does include Club Executive.
    c) “Non-Pecuniary Interest” – An interest that an individual may have in a matter which may involve family relationships, friendships, volunteer positions or other interests that do not involve the potential for financial gain or loss.
    d) “Organization” – Strathcona Masters.
    e) “Pecuniary Interest” – An interest that an individual may have in a matter because of the reasonable likelihood or expectation of financial gain or loss for that individual, or another person with whom that individual is associated.
    f) “Perceived Conflict of Interest” – A perception by an informed person that a conflict of interest exists or may exist.
    g) “Person” – Any Member, family member, friend, customer, client, sponsor, colleague, legal person or organization.
    h) “Club Executive” – made up of the Strathcona Masters Chair Person, Vice Chair Person, Secretary and Treasurer as voted at the beginning of each swim season by valid Swimmers/Members.
    Purpose and Application
  2. The purpose of this Policy is to describe how Members will conduct themselves in matters relating to real or perceived conflicts of interests, and to clarify how Organization will make decisions in situations where conflicts of interest may exist.
  3. This Policy applies to all Members as defined in the Definitions section.
  4. Members will fulfill the requirements of this policy. Members will not:
    a) Engage in any business or transaction, or have a financial or other personal interest that is incompatible with their official duties with the Organization;
    b) Knowingly place themselves in a position where they are under obligation to any Person who might benefit from special consideration, or who might seek, in any way, preferential treatment;
    c) In the performance of their official duties, accord preferential treatment to any Person in which Organization Members have an interest, financial or otherwise;
    d) Derive personal benefit from information that they have acquired during the course of fulfilling their official duties with the Organization, where such information is confidential or is not generally available to the public;
    e) Engage in any outside work, activity or business or professional undertaking that conflicts or appears to conflict with their official duties as a representative of the Organization, or in which they have an advantage or appear to have an advantage on the basis of their association with the Organization;
    f) Use Organization property, equipment, supplies or services for activities not associated with the performance of official duties with the Organization without the permission of the Organization;
    g) Place themselves in positions where they could, by virtue of being a Member, influence decisions or contracts from which they could derive any direct or indirect benefit or interest; or
    h) Accept any gift or favor that could be construed as being given in anticipation of, or in recognition for, any special consideration granted by virtue of being a Member.
    Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
  5. On an annual basis, all Members will complete a written statement disclosing any real or perceived conflicts that they might have.
  6. At any time that a Member becomes aware that there may exist a real or perceived conflict of interest, they will disclose this conflict to the Club Executive immediately.
    Reporting a Conflict of Interest
  7. Any Member who is of the view that another Member may be in a position of conflict of interest shall report this matter to the Club Executive. Such a complaint must be signed and in writing. Anonymous complaints may be accepted upon the sole discretion of the Club Executive.
    Resolving Complaints of a Real or Perceived Conflict of Interest
  8. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Club Executive will determine whether or not a conflict of interest exists provided the alleged Member has been given notice of and the opportunity to submit evidence and to be heard at such meeting.
  9. After hearing the matter, the Club Executive will determine whether a real or perceived conflict of interest exists and if so what appropriate actions will be imposed.
  10. Where the Member accused of being in a real or perceived conflict of interest acknowledges the facts, he or she may waive the meeting, in which case the Club Executive will determine the appropriate actions.
  11. If the Organization Member accused of being in a real or perceived conflict of interest chooses not to participate in the meeting, the meeting will proceed in any event.
  12. The Club Executive may apply the following actions singly or in combination for real or perceived conflicts of interest:
    a) Removal or temporary suspension of certain responsibilities or decision making authority;
    b) Removal or temporary suspension from a designated position;
    c) Removal or temporary suspension from certain Organization teams, events and/or activities;
    d) Expulsion from Organization;
    e) Other actions as may be considered appropriate for the real or perceived conflict of interest.
  13. Failure to comply with an action as determined by the Club Executive will result in automatic suspension of membership in Organization until such time as compliance occurs.
  14. The Club Executive may determine that an alleged real or perceived conflict of interest is of such seriousness as to warrant suspension of designated activities pending a meeting and a decision of the Club Executive.
    Resolving Conflicts in Decision-making
  15. Decisions or transactions that involve a real or perceived conflict of interest that have been disclosed by a Member may be considered and decided upon by the Organization Club Executive provided that:
    a) The nature and extent of the Member’s interest has been fully disclosed to the body that is considering or making the decision, and this disclosure is recorded in the minutes;
    b) The Member does not participate in discussion on the matter giving rise to the conflict of interest;
    c) The Member abstains from voting on the proposed decision or transaction;
    d) The Member is not included in the determination of quorum for the proposed decision or transaction; and
    e) The decision or transaction is in the best interests of the Organization.
    Organization Decision-Makers
  16. Members wishing to obtain a position as a decision-maker (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) within the Organization must declare their professional interests and any potential conflict of interests prior to being declared eligible by the Club Executive for a position as a decision-maker within the Organization.
  17. In the event that a Member neglects to disclose a professional interest or any potential conflicts of interest, this Policy will apply.
    Decision Final and Binding
  18. Any decision of the Club Executive in accordance with this Policy may be appealed in accordance with the Organization’s Appeal Policy.
    Declaration regarding Conflict of Interest
    I have read the Organization’s Conflict of Interest Policy, I agree to be bound by the obligations contained therein, and I commit to avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest. I also commit to disclosing the existence of any real or perceived conflict of interest to the Club Executive, as soon as it is known to me.
    I declare the following interests which may represent a potential conflicting interest:
    I also pledge to inform Organization and the Club Executive of any other member of the Organization who I feel is in a position of any real, perceived or potential conflict of interest.

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